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T'was lovely...

Posted by Harry Faversham on 02 Dec 2020, 13:49

In our pokey little seaside resort yesterday. So, I had a walk along the seafront, bought some Tetley's Best Bitter and this month's Wargames Illustrated. I found a bench and sat in the winter sunshine gazing out over the Great North Sea. By the third can I could clearly see Longships sailing past Spurn Point. Then came the epiphany giving me my first two projects for the lockdowns of 2021. Re-base my Viking and Saxon Armies and also create an enemy for my Greek Hoplites to bash up. WI and the fourth can of Tets provided the answer... the new Oathmark Skellies!!!
I was, very reluctantly, going to paint up hordes of Persians. But the thought of painting all them spear carrying, flower-power hippy types, was most daunting. In comparison painting a Skellie Army's a right doddle. At a pinch they could have, a Blue Mushroom Ale induced, ruck with the Vikings too.
So thank you to both Josh Tetley and Wargames Illustrated.

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