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Arthur, Ambrosius, Riothamus - Trinity of the Dark Age Part1

Posted by Koppi on 12 Jul 2020, 13:38

Today a report from the 90ies. Scroll down and you will find the english version.
Miniatures are 28 mm minis, Gripping Beast, Black Tree Design, Wargames Foundry. ... hamus.html





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Posted by Michael Robert on 12 Jul 2020, 21:17

Hi Koppi,

these figures on display are incredibly well painted. Never seen these before, but they are gems to my mind. Interesting period. Let's see your 2nd part.
One forum member - sorry not to remember the name now - has posted many contributions on late Romans - very nice paintings also. Just the Hat figures used are not the most lifelike which is a pity.
Your post creates more interest in this part of history

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