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Posted by Ochoin on 17 Apr 2019, 10:53

My pal Dan hosted his most ambitious WW1 game so far. Dan was a wargaming newbie to our group & wanted to do something on his own. He decided the Great War & in about 9 months, has produced this.I was inclined to avoid WW1 but these rules make it very playable. I am rather chuffed at my role in mentoring Dan into his first wargaming project but to be honest, it’s otherwise all his own work. Talk is cheap but painting & modelling take commitment.He's using 'Great War Spearhead' .

I was the German commander. I had to hold the trenches (Hindenberg Lines) & the bridge. At Turn 5, my counter-attack arrived at the bridge. The rules make you dice every turn for every tank to see if it’s broken down. In previous games, the tanks were usually left behind because of this. Damien, the British commander, did not really suffer from this, throwing consistently good dice.My big hope was to shell his two prong attack into mud & blood but he, cunning chap, masked his advance with smoke.

He took the first objective, destroyed my counter-attack (advancing through open ground!!!) and failed (just) to crack the Hindenberg Line, giving him a Minor Victory.The rules do have a lot to them that we’ll add on as time progresses. Poison gas & aircraft come next.

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Posted by C M Dodson on 17 Apr 2019, 12:45

Interesting stuff and I do like the railhead idea.

From my limited knowledge Cambrai was selected for the assault as the ground was relatively undamaged until the attack went in which is apparent here.

Happy wargaming.

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