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"EDEN" the Game - custompainted Miniatures

Posted by wikingpaintworks on 30 Nov 2012, 15:12

Hello all....

Today i want to share the latest Video of the Paintingstudio i worked for.... 8)
at least we´re allowed to show the Minis we´ve painted ( better: the Minis I painted ^^) for the german Hobbymagazine "Tabletop Insider"
I had to paint a Starterbox from the Game "EDEN" ( a postapocalyptic Skirmish System in 32mm Scale) for an Playtesting Report in the actual Issue of the Magazine.
Now the Magazine´s released we are allowed to show the Minis! :headbang:

It was hard but fun to paint these Miniatures in our offered highest paintingstandard. quite like a "Test" of my paintingskills... :roll:

Hope you like them (even while they are 32mm instead 20! :joker: )

Greetz Wiking
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Posted by Peter on 30 Nov 2012, 19:15

You did a great paintjob on those figures! Great isn't the right word, fantastic sounds better! :love: :thumbup:

I wish I could paint shadings like that on my figures :(
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