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Monthly duel against Mr. X 2018

Posted by Dad's Army on 04 Dec 2017, 22:11

Mr. X is looking for members who want to challenge him another year.
So give it a try, remember it is all for fun!!!

The rules are very simple:

- One standing or riding figure out of the box
- Neutral background (white, black, green, blue,...)
- No base
- Period chosen by the challenger
- 2 pictures (front and back)

- Send PSR link to communicate the figure
- All communication goes by email to, email subject is the dueling month.

Mr. X would prefer to be challenged to paint sets released in 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 to keep things fresh and duel using the most recent releases.

He don't want to know who the challenger is un till after the duel.
So pick your month and period and sign in for this challenge!

- January (lost by Mr. X)
- February (won by Mr. X)
- March (lost by Mr. X)
- April (won by Mr. X)
- May (won br Mr. X)
- June (lost by Mr. X)
- July (won by Mr. X)
- August (won by Mr. X)
- September (lost by Mr. X)
- October (won by Mr. X)
- November (both won)
- December (won by Mr. X)

The list is updated with a period when someone has signed in.
All communication will go by mail to:

So 2018 is again a lucky year.... There was always a duelway :mrgreen:

For 2019 we are searching for a new mr. X, if you want to be the secret man or woman..
mail to to take the new secret place...
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