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WWI 100th Annyversary Group Build: W^D Models Germans

Posted by mike mccabe on 31 Jan 2014, 15:29

Not long enough to get my desired title in the subject line!

This should be - 'W^D Models German stormtroopers at Caporetto'

The clue is in the title, I will be using the W^D Models German stormtrooper set to show a scene at the Battle of Caporetto in 1918 when the Austro-Hungarian and German armies routed the Italians.

First photo is the starting point with the figures assembled


mike mccabe  Wales
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Posted by Kekso on 31 Jan 2014, 15:52

Hi Mike. Welcome to GB. Figures look great... looking forward to see them painted.
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by armpcm on 31 Jan 2014, 16:12

Kekso wrote:Hi Mike. Welcome to GB.

+1 Will keep an eye on these. :-)
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armpcm  Portugal

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Posted by santifernandez on 01 Feb 2014, 14:03

Welcome to GB,great figures......
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santifernandez  Spain
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Posted by Peter on 09 Feb 2014, 14:21

Looking forward to see these painted! Nice figures :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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