(Another) Palm Tree Tutorial

Posted by Pivo on 09 Mar 2011, 03:07

The walk-through below might be of some use to war gamers who have a desert, pirate or Pacific themed terrain board.


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Posted by Maurice on 09 Mar 2011, 07:51

Looks good, worth to try it some day. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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Posted by z1pp132002 on 09 Mar 2011, 08:19

:thumbup: Brilliant work you are a genius
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Posted by leifkarl1112 on 09 Mar 2011, 14:35

Again, very nice.................... :thumbup:

It is nice for the foreign legion to have some shade to fight under!! :lol:

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Posted by Peter on 09 Mar 2011, 17:07

Nice tutorial :thumbup:
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Posted by Martin on 09 Mar 2011, 20:09

These palmtrees look very realistic!!
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Posted by poky on 09 Mar 2011, 22:50

wow thats used wow need to try it out for sure like the second version palm trees the best
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poky  Netherlands
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