How to make concrete surface on your model

Posted by Cor V. on 12 May 2010, 11:42

Very clear "How to". :thumbup:
Cor V.  
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Posted by Peter on 12 May 2010, 12:19

Very good tutorial Alois :thumbup: Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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Posted by Valion on 12 May 2010, 12:52

Thank you very much ! This tutorial is simply great ! :thumbup:
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Valion  Germany
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Posted by dutchboyinohio on 12 May 2010, 14:10

Nice tutorial! I've also seen it done where the plasticard master you made is actually used as the form to pour plaster into (like is done in real life when pouring concrete into forms for sidewalks, foundations, etc).
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dutchboyinohio  United States of America
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Posted by Paul on 12 May 2010, 16:14

Great explanation, very well presented :thumbup: :thumbup:
The use of oil so the Bednění doesn´t stick to the plaster...just like on full scale building sites :thumbup: :thumbup: :-) :-)
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Posted by Alois Nebel on 12 May 2010, 16:54

Thanks for comments. I hope it help somebody.

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Posted by Dad's Army on 12 May 2010, 17:15

Thanks for this useful information :thumbup:
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