Making grass tufts.

Posted by west1871 on 15 Mar 2010, 19:51

Hello all,

Many thanks goes to tantallon2 for the link,

http://www.barrule.com/Workshop/Extras/ ... ns%202.htm

Looks very simple and the product looks great but a little pricey.
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Posted by Paul on 15 Mar 2010, 19:58

These ideas would work with any brand of "Long grass". Thanks Rich for putting up the link and Thanks tantallon2 for telling him........ :thumbup: :thumbup:
The Bondage method..............I´d like to try that but I´m a bit tied up a the moment. :-) :-)
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Posted by Chris on 15 Mar 2010, 20:31

Thanks for the link !

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Posted by Martin on 15 Mar 2010, 21:55

Chris wrote:Thanks for the link !


+1 :thumbup:
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Posted by Tantallon2 on 21 Mar 2010, 23:15

Happy to help.

I have tried the twisting techniques and they work reasonably well:


The large turft in the centre is a twist and super glue creation. However, they are only any good for tall tufts at this scale (elephant grass in fact).

The slightly lower tufts in this picture are from a door mat and the lowest one (bottom left) is a Noch tuft. These are really good but really, really expensive. Literally more than their weight in gold.


In this second photo you can see a silflor two coloured tuft (centre). These are really good and come in a much wider (indeed random) selection of "poses" than the noch tufts and for a fraction of the cost. Go for a mix of the small packs as you will take a long time to get through one of these packs. I wouldn't bother with the Noch tufts anymore having now see the Silflor (though the two do mix well).

The site is a great source of everything you could possibly wish for for dioramas and I have had no prolems at all with ordering from them.
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