Palm tree leaves

Posted by ww2only on 16 Dec 2009, 09:47


this is how I made them, thanks to an old leaflet contained in a Fujimi kit of mid 70's

more pics here:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/toysoldier ... 193325984/
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Posted by dykio on 16 Dec 2009, 10:03

wauw, this is very cool stuff :thumbup: and i'm definately going to try to make those trees :thumbup:
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Posted by Maurice on 16 Dec 2009, 10:03

Seems like something worth to try some day. Thanks for posting :thumbup:
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Posted by Michel on 16 Dec 2009, 10:25

http://www.productsforwargamers.com/ter ... trees.html

Cheap and perfect looking Palm Trees...!
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Posted by Paul on 23 Jan 2010, 21:58

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