Asterix Figure Restoration

Posted by Beano Boy on 13 Mar 2017, 01:57

This is entirely narrated by smilies. ;-) "All except that bit."
:read: " BB`s Asterix figures arrived in a highly top secret way.


:mrgreen: "By way of a heavily armed Overland Stage Coach!"
:cowboy: " My buddy Slim Pickings,was the Driver. Yah-H0OO!"
:sst: "and the Duke was riding Shot Gun."


:read: "It had been rumoured that Remco,the famous Highway Man was in the area with Benno."
:coffee: " Far to many Coaches,had been robbed of Asterix Figures,from Amsterdam. So I made double sure this assignment of antique figures got through"

:cowboy: " Yah! Tough Hombres one and all."

:read: "Soon after this coach got through it was realised it had quite a few Playmobil bullet holes in it."
:sst: " and that one Asterix Figure had a wound to his arm."
:mrgreen: " This required ,Din Din Dar! Restoration Surgery. "
:eh: "U mean under the knife?"
:mrgreen: " I sure do."


:read: " So out came the green stuff from bb`s needful stash!"
:cowboy: " Yip! The poor little fellow was placed upon the Operation Table."
:sst: " and the Op was performed without a local anesthetic!"
:cowboy: " The wound was made deeper."
:mrgreen: " And much wider by gouging it out."
:sst: " i nearly fainted,but feared i might wakeup upon bb`s restoration table!"
:mrgreen: " Yes now that would`ve been classic funny."
:read: " The Screams were Terrible!"
:shock: :eh: :shock: :eh: :shock: :eh: :drool: :drool: :drool: :eh: " Oh My!" They all muttered.
:eh:" Eh! I had to leave the room."
:cowboy: " Ya ,Ya you Darn Pussy!"
:sst: "o` my,there was so much antique plastic cut away."
:mrgreen: " One has to be cruel to be kind."____ :eh: "Eh?"
:read: " The green stuff was stuffed into the gapping open wound by using the stainless steel knife."
:sst: " then smoothed over using natural oil."
:coffee: " By rubbing my finger and thumb,the natural oil rose up."
:read: " And smoothing out and doing that a few times over."
:sst: " the restoration op was well done and dusted smooth all over."
:cowboy: " Ya- Hooooooo! Good as new."
:mrgreen: :read: :cowboy: :sst: :thumbup: :-D " Bravo!" The little smilies exclaimed."


:read: " A grand success!"____:coffee: " Yes the Shield Bearer`s left arm repaired will paint up rather nice and will complete another set."
:sst: "a big thanks 4 looking at this smillie narrated tale." :coffee: "BB,that`s Me."
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Posted by Dad's Army on 13 Mar 2017, 12:59

Hahaha, Paul when I have seen the Overland Stage Coach it sure wouldn't left NL :mrgreen:
The poor guy lost his arm, pff didn't know the fight was so hard...
Best advice I can give you, keep the figures in Holland :mrgreen:
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Posted by Beano Boy on 14 Mar 2017, 07:53

:sst: "that was nice of you remco,to comment."
:mrgreen:" You sure looked good in that Cowboy outfit and Benno,shined in his."

:coffee:" I thought to lift a boring topic and make it more interesting in a friendly way of banter,
designed to raise a smile or two in BEANO Comic, fashion."

:sst: "it is so easy to get smilies to talk."

:read: "On English Language Courses, it is termed Communication Skills, and costs an arm and a leg to study it,meaning `Mucho Dinero!___Much Money!"

:mrgreen: "lucky you,you get examples here on the Forum for free."
:sst: "you mean that I can teach people english?"asked the timid button who never spells in capitals !
:cowboy: " Yip! Pard! We sure do.",replied the insecure cowboy who always sleeps in his boots.
:sst: "well i never."
:coffee: " I`ll see you guys later__________ it`s time for my early morning cuppa tea. BB
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