Stone Steps & Spiral Stone Steps

Posted by MABO on 24 Jul 2015, 10:44

You are a talented manufacturer.
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Posted by Beano Boy on 25 Jul 2015, 13:43

Thanks for commenting jan. This project reminds me of a picture that I drew at school when I was very very young. The paper had been laid by hand upon my tiny desk and the teacher told everyone in class to draw their house where they lived. I applied logical thinking even then in those far off days. So I traced out the lines that were within my noggin,and the shape of a big flat and crude house which had a slooping roof with a chimney sticking oddly out sideways from it appeared there upon that once white blank piece of paper. I began to draw every room within my house,with the furniture and most important to me the people in each room. There was me,my three Brothers,and my three Sisters,and my Mom. Some were sitting, and some doing other stuff. Each was drawn but not coloured in. The teacher while watching from behind each little student could see how each was developing their artwork. Of course we were far to young to realise it to be such a splendid thing. So she especially eyed my work,and touched me lightly on my shoulder and whispered in my ear," Good." After every detail within my house had been finished,i began to draw each window with bow like curtains,and a very large blue front door was coloured in.Then i bricked up the house from the bottom to the very top,and then coloured in each and every brick covering every detail within up. Then I put the garden and picket fence in place however it seemed that inspite of every one of my attempts to stand the fence up,it had intent to stay laying down. It looked more like railway tracks then a fence on the leafy green Avenue where I lived. Upon seeing the end result smudged upon my paper the teacher looked at it and then at me,and asked her puzzled question, " Paul why did you draw the people and everything else in your house and then brick it up?" I simply answered," Well Miss,I knew them to be there!"

This time being far to grown up I did not brick my work up,so everyone can see what is inside each tower. I suppose if I had bricked each tower up,and with every step being hidden from view,there would be others on the Forum asking the same puzzled question of why? The same answer would apply as when i the poor widows son,the small infant answered, "I knew them to be there!" A True story BB
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