Painting Competition

24th Painting Competition Winner

Posted by lz7947 on 29 Oct 2010, 03:25

Congratulations ! :thumbup:

lz7947  China
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Posted by Antony on 29 Oct 2010, 05:33

Congratulations !!!! :headbang: great details!buddy
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Antony  China
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23 Feb 2010, 14:25

Posted by Paul on 29 Oct 2010, 11:22

I must admit that I found this dio to be my favourite, it is so charming. Great conversions.
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Paul  China

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Posted by Peter on 29 Oct 2010, 13:13

I loved this from the first time I saw it. :love: Great conversions and very clean painted :thumbup:

Congrats to all contributors :thumbup:

@Dollplayer: please tell us from wich figures you made that lovely lady. I can only recognize one arm of her (Atlantic Greek life in the Acropolis)
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Victorious Secret on 29 Oct 2010, 16:33

Yes this one got my vote all the way. It is simple and beautiful. The white horse blended so well and everything else clean. No surprise this one comes winner. Congrat! :thumbup:
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Victorious Secret  United States of America
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01 Oct 2010, 06:49

Posted by DollPlayer on 30 Oct 2010, 13:21

Thank you all !!
It's so surprise that I can win this time since there are so many great entries.
The story tells one Red Lancer pass by a village and ask a farm girl for a glass of water.
The poor farm girl never see such a royalty knight and secretly admiring him. :oops:




@k.b. and Peter : The girl is from the Atlantic Greek life in the Acropolis.
I just add a hat and convert the clothes. My wife went out the kitchen,
remind me to add a apron to make her more like a farm girl. :lol: :lol:



@T. Dürrschmidt : Ha Ha Ha~ Sometimes French army can beat the German army. :-D :-D :-D
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Posted by Dad's Army on 30 Oct 2010, 13:33

I admire the way you made this, nice to show these pics also :thumbup:
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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Posted by Konrad on 30 Oct 2010, 15:04

Great work from a great artist! :love:
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by dykio on 05 Nov 2010, 22:24

A bit late perhaps but still CONGRATULATIONS. The whole composition but for me especially the brightnness and colourfulness of the whole scene is just fantastic. Wel deserved victory :love: :love:
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dykio  Netherlands
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31 Jan 2008, 19:56

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