Painting Competition

23rd Painting Competition Winner

Posted by Martin on 29 Sep 2010, 22:18

Hi Thomas,
Great fig again!
Runner up was good too!
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Martin  Netherlands
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08 Oct 2007, 19:23

Posted by west1871 on 02 Oct 2010, 06:28

Congrates to both of you on a very close run thing :-D Brilliant entries from everyone :thumbup:
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west1871  United Kingdom
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06 May 2009, 17:08

Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 02 Oct 2010, 07:54

Thank you very much mates!

I feel honored.

And my respects and cheers for all the other contestants.
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T. Dürrschmidt  Germany
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01 Oct 2008, 18:33

Posted by The Grumbler on 03 Oct 2010, 06:10

Congrats to both of you, but especially Thomas as you always demonstrate a high degree of painting skill across all of your entries. I think consistency is the key to winning this comp and you do it easily.

I only wish I had more time to enter myself :oops:

The Grumbler
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The Grumbler  Australia
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15 Jun 2008, 02:02

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