Painting Competition

Painting Competition & Rules

Posted by Benno on 01 Jun 2010, 15:00

- Maximum picture size is 800x600 pixels.
- Maximum two pictures per entry.
- One entry per person per competition.
- The painted miniatures/works that are in the competition can't be posted in this or other forum and public places on the internet (before or during the competition) and must be new.
- Single figures, vignettes, dioramas, units, vehicles, everything is allowed in the open competitions.
- Photo compilations are allowed (however these usually don't win :-) ).
- The competitions have no theme, you're free to choose to paint whatever you want.

How does it work?
- Mail the pictures to (unless otherwise stated) with the subject Benno's Figures (insert number of the competition) Painting Competition.
- Make sure you include the name of the figure and your forum username in the email.
- I'll reply to every entry I get, if you don't get a reply within 72 hours, send it again. I'm not home every day so have patience.
- I put the pictures in polls, don't post them yourself.
- You can vote via polls.

- A new competition starts the first Monday every four weeks and lasts four weeks.
- Every round will start on Monday and lasts two weeks.
- The entries are set in polls so you can easily vote and see how many votes an entry has.
- You can vote in every poll.
- RU means runner ups.

NOTE - You can't win any prizes, it's just for fun!


*The first polls with the first entries are usually last in the list on the forum because they are posted first. Newer topics are higher up the list, just like in the rest of the forum. ;-)
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