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19th Painting Competition Winner

Posted by Konrad on 01 Jun 2010, 19:58

Congratulations! :thumbup:
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 02 Jun 2010, 00:11

Thank you very much for your compliments. Again cheers and applause for all other competitors, especially Nono for a very good runner up.

I wonder why you all have recognized my fig being painted by me. Because I used a different forest this time (about one kilometer away from our house).... :think: ;-)

Here is an additional picture of "Uli" (by the way: this is not the famous "Liechtenstein" where my rich countrymen bring their money to save it from taxes, :spank: Ulrichs Liechtenstein is a castle in Styria / Austria.

Ulrichs appearance is a bit more "combat like", without crest. In Codex Manesse he is painted with a statue of Venus on his helmet.

The fig is painted with acrylics in different brands (mostly GW) on black primer. Flag is made from aluminium foil.
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T. Dürrschmidt  Germany
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Posted by dirk on 02 Jun 2010, 06:32

Congratulations! :thumbup: :mrgreen:

This figure looks very good...

...and your new Dio too... ;-)
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dirk  Germany
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Posted by The Observer on 02 Jun 2010, 20:44

Congrats Thomas-a worthy winner-great painting usual :thumbup:
I like the detailed "dots" on the fig-really great!!!
Greetings , BigDom
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The Observer  
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