Painting Competition

9th Painting Competition Winner

Posted by Phalanx on 01 Sep 2009, 20:40

Very good. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Phalanx  Germany

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Posted by Adam on 01 Sep 2009, 21:38

Peter wrote:
adamparsons wrote:thanks guys, sorry for the delay in replying. He is a little brighter than in real life, I'll try and upload some more pics just as soon as I get them off my old PC.


More pictures? I think they come by foot :mrgreen: Or did you forget that you won this competition Adam? :? :lol:

Greetings Peter

^^ see above, it involves getting it back out of the attic, and getting the wedding boxes off it (now done) then about 4 hours to copy all the files to my portable hard drive which is in progress as I type. (freelance work on there too)

Then I gotta transfer it all to my new PC, as well as clean the attic back up, added to that painting a little DH2 dio and a tiger tank, so probably next week at the very best, and that is if you are very, VERY good Peter
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Adam  United Kingdom
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Posted by Peter on 01 Sep 2009, 21:58

What I am most of the time Adam ;-) And I should have known, your a married man now! :thumbup:

Greetings Peter
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Peter  Belgium

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