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Posted by giorgio on 05 Jun 2023, 17:45

sorry, off topic! but does exist psr-like sites for 1/32, 1/35, 28mm...
I'd like to check 1/32 soldiers produced.. have in mind a project for "garden dwarfs" but made with 1/32 soldiers and hand made gun emplacements, bunkers, towers hidden in the hedges, leaves and plants... :xd:
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Posted by Peter on 05 Jun 2023, 19:58

Don't know what you are looking for but maybe this can help.

You can find a lot of pictures of 1/32 scale figures here. Next thing is to find them on the WWW.

Also this blog can help you with more information:

You can also make a topic in the marketplace section with what figures you are looking for.
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