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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 10 Feb 2023, 18:00


We are very pleased to announce that Pendraken are the new UK stockist for the excellent Litko products!

LITKO Game Accessories designs and manufactures a huge range of hobby gaming products including tokens, markers, dice towers, measuring devices, gauges, templates, bases, movement trays and more!  These high-quality and uniquely designed products will enhance your gaming experience and let you UPGRADE YOUR GAME!

For the past decade or so these products have been available through Gaming Enhancements (formerly Figures in Comfort) and Erik & Ellen have done a fantastic job of building and supporting the UK customer base.  We’d like to thank them for their help in getting the stock transferred to us and wish them all the best for the future.

To get started we’ll be doing an inventory of the stock we’ve received and then we can place our first order from Litko.  We’ll be focusing on the Tokens & Markers ranges to begin with but moving forward we’ll be looking to expand across many of their ranges, so please get in touch if there’s something in particular you’d be interested in seeing.

We’ll have the first of these products available online through our website shortly ( and in our physical shop up here in Middlesbrough.  We’ll also be taking a selection of the most popular items along to the UK shows too so make sure to come by and have a look.

We’ll have more updates as we get the stock added to our website!
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Leon Pendraken  United Kingdom
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Posted by Bessiere on 10 Feb 2023, 19:13

Litko has a great range of game bits and bases. Any gamers in the UK will find some thing useful in their range.
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Posted by Fire at Will on 10 Feb 2023, 21:24

Hopefully, this will make buying small quantities more affordable
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 11 Feb 2023, 00:47

Bessiere wrote:Litko has a great range of game bits and bases. Any gamers in the UK will find some thing useful in their range.

Hopefully Europe as well in the future. We're still trying to access the EU IOSS system to make it easier for our EU customers, but our website company still haven't upgraded their software.

Fire at Will wrote:Hopefully, this will make buying small quantities more affordable

Definitely for folks in the UK, there won't be that £15/£17(?) customs fee to worry about.
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Leon Pendraken  United Kingdom
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 11 Mar 2023, 02:31

Just to update everyone on this, the Litko stock is now up and available on the website here: ... 1097-c.asp We've got a large variety of the Tokens along with a selection of the other items, with more on the way from the States currently.

We've also added a Clearance section for some of the products that we're not planning to stock initially, along with some discontinued Litko items, so have a browse and see if there's anything you need:

If there are any Litko items that you'd like us to order in for you, just drop us a message and we'll add them to our next stock order.
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Leon Pendraken  United Kingdom
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 23 Mar 2023, 01:33

New Litko Tokens are now available on the site!  Our first delivery came in today so we've now got these in stock here:

TS001-BLK    Skull Tokens, Black (10)
TS001-TGY    Skull Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
TS001-VRY    Skull Tokens, Ivory (10)
TS004-RED    Targeting Reticle Tokens, Red (10)
TS005    Large Bio hazard Token Set, Yellow (10)
TS006    Large Smoke Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
TS007    Large Fire Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS010-BLK    Mini Skull Tokens, Black (15)
TS010-TGY    Mini Skull Tokens, Translucent Grey (15)
TS010-TWT    Mini Skull Tokens, Transparent White (15)
TS019    Mini Targeting Reticules, Red (10)
TS022    Hand Grenade Tokens, Green (10)
TS024-LG    Flame Markers, Large, Translucent Yellow (3)
TS024-MD    Flame Markers, Medium, Translucent Yellow (5)
TS024-SM    Flame Markers, Small, Translucent Yellow (7)
TS026-LRG    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Large (3)
TS026-MED    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Medium (5)
TS026-SML    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Small (7)
TS027-LG    Flame Markers, Large, Fluorescent Amber (3)
TS035-BLK    Attack Tokens, Black (10)
TS035-BLU    Attack Tokens, Blue (10)
TS035-GRN    Attack Tokens, Green (10)
TS035-RED    Attack Tokens, Red (10)
TS037-BLK    Flanked Tokens, Black (10)
TS037-BLU    Flanked Tokens, Blue (10)
TS037-GRN    Flanked Tokens, Green (10)
TS037-RED    Flanked Tokens, Red (10)
TS039-ABR    Cover Fire Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS041-BRN    Dug-In Tokens, Brown (10)
TS042-YLW    Alert! Tokens, Yellow (10)
TS043-BLK    Move Tokens, Black (10)
TS043-BLU    Move Tokens, Blue (10)
TS043-GRN    Move Tokens, Green (10)
TS043-RED    Move Tokens, Red (10)
TS048-RED    Bullet Arrow Tokens, Red (10)
TS050-FGR    Acid Splatter Tokens, Fluorescent Green  (10)
TS050-RED    Blood Splatter Tokens, Red (10)
TS080    Smoke Screen Markers, Mini, Translucent White (4)
TS081    Smoke Screen Markers, Small, Translucent White (4)
TS082    Smoke Screen Markers, Medium, Translucent White (4)
TS083    Smoke Screen Markers, Large, Translucent White (4)
TS105-XL    Flaming Wreckage Marker, Extra Large
TS107-SML    Artillery Strike Markers, Small (7)
TS108    Activated Tokens, Fluorescent Green (10)
TS241     Bunker Markers, Brown (5)
TS242-BRN    MineField Tokens, Brown (10)
TS243-BRN    Tank Trap Tokens, Brown (10)
TS244-BRN    Barbed Wire Tokens, Brown (10)
TS245-BRN    Trench Works Tokens, Brown (10)

And some temptation pics...

TS001-BLK - Skull Tokens

TS007 - Flame Tokens

TS026-LG - Wreckage Markers

TS035-RED - Attack Tokens

TS037-GRN - Flanked Tokens

TS081 - Smoke Screen Markers

TS107-SML - Artillery Strike Markers

TS242-BRN - Minefield Tokens

TS244-BRN - Barbed Wire Tokens

We'll be placing another order in the next few days so let us know if you'd like anything ordering in!
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Leon Pendraken  United Kingdom
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 11 Apr 2023, 23:24

We've had another Litko restock today so these items are all now available (or restocked) here:

LIT-TS114 Wound Markers, Ivory & Red (5)
LIT-TS115 Immobilized Markers, Black & Red (5)
LIT-TS116 Objective Markers, Red
LIT-TS117 Objective Marker, Blue
LIT-TS129 Micro Number, Red (10)
LIT-TS130 Micro Number, Blue (10)
LIT-TS140 Artillery Strike Markers, Medium (5)
LIT-TS141 Artillery Strike Markers, Large (3)
LIT-TS158-RED Heart Tokens, Red (15)
LIT-TS163-TRD FUBAR Tokens, Translucent Red (10)
LIT-TS164-FLY EPIC FAIL Tokens, Fluorescent Yellow (10)
LIT-TS165-PNK PWNED Tokens, Fluorescent Pink (10)
LIT-TS173-TGY Musket Reload Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
LIT-TS214 Pain Markers, Red (5)
LIT-TS233 Headquarter Markers, Multi-Color (5)
LIT-TS234-BRN Factory Markers, Brown (5)
LIT-TS235-GRN Supply Depot Markers, Green (5)
LIT-TS236-BLK Steam Train Markers, Black (3)
LIT-TS237 Naval Base Markers, Blue (5)
LIT-TS238 Air Base Markers, White & Brown (5)
LIT-TS239 Hospital Markers, Red & White (5)
LIT-TS240 Garrison Markers, Brown & Green (5)
LIT-TS316-ABR 1-Damage Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
LIT-TS317-ABR 2-Damage Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
LIT-TS318-TGY Destroyed Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
LIT-TS319-CLR Objective Tokens, Clear (10)
LIT-TS454-LRG Barrage Markers, Large Set, Multi-Color (3)
LIT-TS454-MED Barrage Markers, Medium Set, Multi-Color (5)
LIT-TS454-MIC Barrage Markers, Micro Set, Translucent Grey & Clear (10)
LIT-TS454-SML Barrage Markers, Small Set, Multi-Color (7)
LIT-TS455-LRG Inferno Marker Set, Large, Fluorescent Orange & Transparent Yellow (3)
LIT-TS455-MED Inferno Marker Set, Medium, Fluorescent Orange & Transparent Yellow (5)
LIT-TS455-SML Inferno Marker Set, Small, Fluorescent Orange & Transparent Yellow (7)
LIT-TS484-RED Suppression Token, Red (10)
LIT-TS485-BLU Reaction Token, Blue (10)
LIT-TS486-TRD Damage Token, Translucent Red (10)
LIT-TS487-BLK Out of Ammo Token, Black (10)
LIT-TS488-FLO Damage Token, Fluorescent Orange (10)
LIT-TS489-FLY On Fire Token, Fluorescent Yellow (10)
LIT-TS642-ABR Numbered Damage Token Set, Fluorescent Amber (20)
LIT-TS643-ABR 3-Damage Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
LIT-TS644-ABR 5-Damage Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
LIT-TS645-ABR 10-Damage Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
LIT-TS652-RED Did He Died? Tokens, Red (5)
LIT-TS935-TBL WWII British Activated Tokens, Translucent Blue (10)
LIT-TS937-TGY WWII German Activated Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
LIT-TS938-TRD WWII Japanese Activated Tokens, Translucent Red (10)
LIT-TS939-TYL WWII Italian Activated Tokens, Transparent Yellow (10)
LIT-TS940-RED WWII Polish Activated Tokens, Red (10)
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Leon Pendraken  United Kingdom
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 09 Aug 2023, 00:01

We've had another batch of Litko stock arrive today with the first of their Flight Stands now available along with another selection of Tokens too!  Our next order will mainly be the rest of the flight stands.

Flight Pegs -

SFS001CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 20mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS002CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 25mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS003CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 25mm (Offset Peg), 3mm Clear (10)
SFS004CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 30mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS005CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.375inch, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS006CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.375inch (Offset Peg), 3mm Clear (10)
SFS007CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.5inch, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS008CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 2.5inch, 3mm Clear (10)

Tokens -

TS009-ABR    Scanner Blip Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS009-CLR    Scanner Blip Tokens, Clear (10)
TS053-ABR    Space Shield Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS058-ABR    Blast Area Effect Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS065-FBL    Plasma Tokens, Fluorescent Blue (10)
TS068    Splash Markers, Mini, Translucent White & Fluorescent Blue  (10)
TS069    Blast Markers, Mini, Transparent Yellow Base & Fluorescent Amber Flames (10)
TS071    Smoke Column Markers, Mini, Translucent Grey (10)
TS540-CLR    Webbed Token, Clear (10)
TS606    Splash Markers, Micro, Translucent White & Fluorescent Blue (10)

And some pics!







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