Under Fire July releases...

Posted by westy38 on 13 Jul 2017, 15:41

New releases for the month of July are the latest additions to the Under Fire range of 28mm ''Cold War Gone Hot'' figures in the form of West German Polizei.

There are two packs, of four figures each, with four G3 assault rifle armed polizei in one and four polizei armed with light support weapons in the other. All wear skeleton webbing & the Pzf 44 gunner carries a sports bag for his reloads.

The light support weapons are the MG 3 lmg & Pzf 44 and each has a figure firing the weapon, or manouvering with it.

Photo's & a link to the online store are below...

West German Polizei 1

West German Polizei 2

All figures are cast out of white metal and scaled for use in 28mm sized games. I will happily answer any questions people may have.


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