1000 Releases in 5 Years!

Posted by Leon Pendraken on 03 Jan 2017, 21:30

I hope it's OK to post this here!

That one final release of 2016 pushed us over a rather large milestone, as we've now released 1000 new 10mm products over the past 5 years!


This is something we're extremely proud of and I think it must make us one of, if not the most active company in the whole wargames industry? 1000 new products represents a huge amount of time and money invested so we hope there's something in there for everyone. It's hard to keep putting out new codes for every range in our expanding catalogue these days, but we do our best to try and give each period a bit of attention on a regular basis.

So, onto the actual numbers! There's a summary list for each year at the following links:

2012 - 207 new releases: ... 574.0.html
2013 - 184 new releases: ... 577.0.html
2014 - 116 new releases: ... 578.0.html
2015 - 230 new releases: ... 408.0.html
2016 - 263 new releases: ... 339.0.html

= 1000 New Releases!

2017 sees another extensive release schedule, with a comprehensive Korean War range making up the bulk of our plans. Elsewhere we've got the final two Warband ranges to come, plus Napoleonic Brunswickers, a revamped 1860's Italian range and even some Aztecs knocking about somewhere...!
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Posted by tom s on 03 Jan 2017, 22:33

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Posted by sansovino on 03 Jan 2017, 22:41

You are absolutly right to inform us!
Congratulations for your impressive number of releases in only 5 years!
May the Force be with you!
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Posted by Peter on 03 Jan 2017, 22:59

Congrats with this fantastic result! :thumbup:
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Posted by Leon Pendraken on 03 Jan 2017, 23:00

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Posted by Roland_Kupski on 03 Jan 2017, 23:29

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