Use of heat guns in the hobby and recomended models?

Posted by Hobbyinovator on 03 Dec 2021, 22:04

Are there any members using heat guns in the hobby for forming plastic etc? I have been considering using them for shaping different objects. I tried to use a cheap one for drying paint many years ago but it was so hot that the figure started to melt. But if your goal is to reshape plastic that shouldn't be a problem.
You got any advice on techniques, different heat gun brands/models and suitable types of nozzles etc. that are suitable for this hobby?
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Posted by Xantippos on 05 Dec 2021, 09:39

I wouldn't recommend it. If you start melting the plastic, fumes will start, and those are severely toxic. Unless you do it open air, with a perfect professional grade mask, I would steer clear of it.
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Posted by Michael Robert on 05 Dec 2021, 20:18

Hello Hobbyinnovator
Heat guns are no good idea to my mind. They do not allow to direct heat precisely enough. If you want to obtain precise and localized welding and deforming the best tool is an Infrared welding apparatus. Now, I haven’t found any which suits small size figures. Typically, instead I use a soldering iron with a flat tip (scewdriver type) which can be heated red hot - important this one. This soldering tip you place where to weld or form - about 2 mm. Close but no contact!
Works perfectly to me but you need a steady hand or some type of fixing stand
Have fun
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