Eylau 1807 - Lisette, Marbot and the 14th regiment

Posted by Koppi on 19 Jan 2020, 21:16

Today the story of a horse, an officer and the 14. regiment ... ... d-das.html



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Posted by C M Dodson on 24 Jan 2020, 06:21

Interesting stuff as always Koppi.

Margot seems to have treated the carnage of the a Napoleonic Wars as his personal playground and whilst a self publicist was a brave, hardy fellow.

Max Hastings has a chapter on him in his book ‘Warriors’.

Interestingly, Arthur Conan Doyle ( Sherlock Holmes fame) wrote a super little book called ‘ Brigadier Gerard of the Hussars du Colflans’.

Keep up the good work.

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It is based on Marbot and is a great read.
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Posted by Susofrick on 24 Jan 2020, 11:01

Think I've read Doyle's book and can agree that it is a great read. But it is a couple of years since I read it (borrowed it at the library), think I was 15-16. So no books at that time, we had stones with some pictures on them. It was still a good read, though. :-D
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Posted by Graeme on 24 Jan 2020, 13:31

Wonderful to revisit this great story! And I agree a heroine like Lisette deserves a good figure.
Excellent post Koppi.

I thoroughly enjoyed Marbot's book, like Kinkaid he had a real gift for telling the story. He also seemed to have a gift for getting involved in stories worth the telling.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Arthur Conan Doyle's Brigadier Gerard stories and would recommend them to anyone; I got them in a compendium of Conan Doyle's Napoleonic stories which I got second hand at a 'Lifeline Bookfest' sale. What an excellent find! By coincidence the Lifeline Bookfest is on this week, I'll go tomorrow and see if I can find another such gem.
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