Limes tragico ed eroico - War in the alps

Posted by Koppi on 08 Mar 2017, 10:24

Last year I visited Firenze, Italy. There was a small but nice exhibition about the War in the Alps during World War I.
Maybe some of you are interested in my report and the pictures.
For wargamers and miniature collectors you will see uniforms, weapons and so on.
Report in german and english. ... krieg.html



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Posted by Susofrick on 08 Mar 2017, 10:55

I am one who is interested in your reports! And I am sure I'm not alone!
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Posted by Bluefalchion on 08 Mar 2017, 15:31

Thanks for your informitive description of that museum display on the Alpine War. I will only disagree with you on one point: you said no tourists would be interested in such things. When I travel abroad with my wife, those types are exactly what we seek out!
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Posted by Beano Boy on 08 Mar 2017, 16:13

You certainly are correct Gunnar,and I was glad to see it written in English too.
Koppi,thank you for the Link,and your neat comprehensive report. :thumbup: BB
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