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Posted by Wolfie65 on 05 Jan 2017, 16:24

So there I was, innocently going through my VHS and DVD collection, to figure out which ones I want to keep and which ones can go to the used book/media store or yard sale, when the mood struck me to watch Cyrano de Bergerac with José Ferrer again - definitely a keeper.
So far, so good.
For some reason, I've always been fascinated by the battle of Lützen, so those two kinda connected in some corner of my mind and I went in search of period figures in the 'front bedroom', which is really a (large) storage closet.
Came up with a couple of sets of ECW and a box of French Musketeers, watched the pirated copy of Alatriste I scored some time ago in the bargain section of a now defunct media store ( 1 disc, no menu, should be 2, but at $ 1.99, you don't argue) as well as Gustav Adolf's Page - which I probably saw sometime as a kid - on YouTube and find myself looking for TYW figures and background material.
Seems to be a little bit of a forgotten stepchild.
So far,I've unearthed Grimmelshausen's Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus, The War Wolf, a general history book titled The Thirty Years War and the Alatriste series, plus the movies mentioned above.
Saw a few minutes of The last Valley on YouTube the other day, seemed a bit...odd, but maybe I didn't watch long enough.
Haven't researched the French side of things yet.

Any suggestions ?
English, German, French, Spanish or Swedish all ok, others less so, but still interesting.
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Posted by sansovino on 05 Jan 2017, 17:25

Wolfie, really a good idea!

I will try to add some recommendations to your theme:
1) It exists a very interesting 4 parts-season of Grimmelshausens Abenteuerlicher Simplicissimus, from the german tv-channel, which was produced in the 70ties and edited recently in dvd-version (only in german language): many camp- and siege-scenes and the everyday-life of ordinary peoble during the war!
2) the four-part german tv-fiction Wallenstein which was produced in the 70ties and edited too as dvd (only in german)
3) The movie Last valley with Michael Caine and Omar Sharif is quite interesting, altough a little bit claustrophobic
4) then you have some interesting movies like Cromwell and To kill a King about the ECW
5) then the quite interesting recent swedish tv-mini-season Snapphanar (dvd in german (Der Rebell des Königs) and swedish) which is playing around 1678
6) the wonderful german 3 parts- documentary Mit Gottes Segen in die Hölle, which you can find in Youtube

1) The 7 books of Arturo Pérez-Reverte to Alatriste, who has written still more books about this period.
2) Jacques Callots sketches and gravings Disasters of War
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