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Posted by Beano Boy on 20 Dec 2015, 15:21

Dalibor,asked " Where do you get your card from? " :thumbup:
So I am giving him the courtesy of answering it,here and now because I pulled the plug on my other topic.
I have just ordered a Pack of 25 and that is enough to see me out,in my planned Scratch Building Projects.



Any Good Arts & Craft Store will have it in stock and you can buy it one sheet at a time if you choose.
I always buy in bulk and save 69pence a sheet.
The saving on 5 sheets is equal to a free box of model figures. :-D

I buy the best high quality paper sheets 32"X22" produced by DALER ROWNEY,used for Picture Framing,and Arts & Crafts. They are massive sheets of paper card. I have built my little town of HONEYWELL, out of this stuff,and I highly recommend it for all scratch building models.


This example of a Public House, ( A PUB! ) ,will be ,"THE ROSE & CROWN", on one side and, "THE PIGS TROTTORS ", on the other,because I make double sided see through buildings to save space in the little town. Living Accommodation provided above. Building work on that town is now entering it`s 14th year. BB
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Posted by Kekso on 20 Dec 2015, 15:55

Thanks Paul... :)
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