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Posted by Wolfie65 on 29 Mar 2014, 14:54

Reading Tolstoy's Sevastopol Sketches quite naturally (....) re-kindled my interest in the Légion Étrangère, so I went looking for some books on them I don't already have. My French being rusty but theoretically in existence, I tried my luck searching for Légion books in French, on their version of Amazon as well as some other sites. I'm aware of the fact that things are generally more expensive in Europe - including books - and that finding used ones can be more difficult, so the prices of the books themselves weren't quite so bad, what sours the deal are the shipping costs. 10+ Euro shipping per book isn't in the budget. I know of a German used media outlet that charges me a flat 10 Euro shipping for 9 items, which is more like it. Does anyone know of something similar in France?
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