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Posted by Uwe on 14 Jun 2013, 19:54

Hi guys,

beside building dioramas with the figures and have an uniform- and historical archive I collect historical movies, documentations and TV-Series since over 20 years now. In the meantime I have around 3500 of them all safed on external harddrives. That was a long way, first with my first earned money a Video-recorder, than years after copied the tapes to DVDs. In the meantime all the DVDs copied on the harddrives of which I have 16 at the moment. You can imagine with every copy I won more space for the figures and books:-))

All my original German DVDs I gave to a film-friend who copied me other stuff in exchange. The foreign ones I put in the marketplace of Hagen-Miniatures. Maybe someone is interested in this exotic stuff.

In case anyone of you has the same "other" hobby I would be very happy to exchange lists of the collection and maybe we can deal some more movies or documentations. It is always fun for me having run the TV with historical stuff of which I paint figures just at this moment 8)
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