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Posted by Harry Faversham on 02 Dec 2022, 06:28

Got pleasantly pissed the other night after the England match. As usual tipsy cogitations wandered to wargaming, as they do. Because of the trayn strikes in Blighty, and swopping the old Herself for a new one, actual gaming has ground to a halt. The last game played being yonder Crimbo's wargame. Things don't look much better for next year, gaming wise, so I've settled on a stratagem...
After this year's Crimbo game I'm going to complete my Airfix Waterloo project, started in 1968. The wargames table will be set up, and left up till Papalotte farm's added and the the rest of the figures are fettled. Then the battle will be played solo using the cheap and cheerful OHW rules.

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Posted by Minuteman on 02 Dec 2022, 10:26

Good luck Harry, sounds like a sound Strategem... :yeah:
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Minuteman  United Kingdom
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