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Krak des Chevaliers

Posted by Mr. Cryns on 21 Sep 2018, 14:52

Dear Michael Robert,

My compliments to you for your continuing work in foam, with a result that is getting better and better throughout the process.

At age sixteen I started to draw a historical comic about the history and the construction process of the Krak des Chevaliers. I never finished it.

I hope you, in turn, will finish this diorama all to the end.
I look forward to see the final result. Good luck!

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Mr. Cryns  Netherlands

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11 Nov 2015, 15:33

Posted by Beano Boy on 22 Sep 2018, 11:54

Super cool modelling! I missed the last post on this topic.




I turned the pictures to upright that were laying on their side.
So all who view can now see them much better.
I hope this is OK with you Michael. BB
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Beano Boy  England
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