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Możajsk/Moscow/Бородинское сражение

Posted by FatFather on 23 Aug 2017, 15:15

Few years ago I made some hundreds figures of napoleonic wars. I needed this for my work, for historian education. After this, I put napoleonic figures for ling distance from me.
Now I have idea to make dio with tbe south part of this battle. Reason is simply: there were in fighting polish troops. But this battle is interesting for one more reason. At historian conference in Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg I was in long discussion about why for Russians is the battle of Borodino, for French - Moscow, and Poles - Możajsk. It was funny and nice talking people in chaince of political corectness :-D .
I started painting from Russians jeagers.
I used figures of Italeri and Zvezda. I hope orthodox don't kill me for using Italeri set to make jeagers.



This boy looks better than in photo. I must learn paint faces and make good pictures.

Thank you.
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FatFather  Poland
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22 Jul 2015, 18:38

Posted by Wiking on 23 Aug 2017, 15:33

Nice painted figures.

I know it named as battle of Borodino.

Fat Father wrote:
I must learn paint faces and make good pictures.

If you are hit at the same place your face would look not photogenic too.
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Wiking  Germany
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14 Sep 2015, 10:03

Posted by Bluefalchion on 23 Aug 2017, 15:38

Wiking wrote:If you are hit at the same place your face would look not photogenic too.

Wiking--my face never looks good no matter what angle it is photographed from. What am I doing wrong?

FF--I like your Russians for Borodino.
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Posted by panzerman825 on 24 Aug 2017, 11:33

Good luck with your project to recreate the Napoleonic battle. Figures are nicely painted. We are all striving to improve our skill set. You'll learn a lot here in this forum. Enjoy. Bill
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panzerman825  United States of America
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Posted by sansovino on 27 Aug 2017, 08:35

Nice painted figures - I enjoy it! Will you continue the project with other Napoleonics?
sansovino  Germany
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