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"Butcher & Bolt Legend" project

Posted by Jaques on 15 Aug 2017, 19:58

:drool: :love: :notworthy: :notworthy: Great !
Jaques  Brazil
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Posted by Quepwik on 29 Aug 2017, 15:03

After my holidays, here are my first attempts to set up the diorama.
I did not really have an idea until I put away a little clutter, I came across an old diorama made originally to accommodate a SdKfz 232.
The idea germinated and I thought that my little Bentley would find there its place.

The figurines selected for the cast are finally a Milicast, a DDay Miniatures. The last, or rather the last ones, are from Dan Taylor Modelworks. Dan was kind enough to create especially for me a model : a small dog, a Jack Russel, faithful companion of Paddy Mayne that one sees in several of his photos.

Everything is not finished of course but it is the arrangement chosen after many tests.







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Quepwik  France
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20 May 2015, 16:38

Posted by Wiking on 29 Aug 2017, 15:30

Very nice done so far.
A secret refueling point in the godforsaken dessert.
"Which way is to chose to reach the meeting point with the Senussi"?

Only the light of the pic is like done just at the sun sinking in the dessert. :-D
That the unfinished driver get a cloth at his neck against the heat is a fine nice detail.
Also that the commander get goggles.

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Wiking  Germany
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Posted by stenfalk on 31 Aug 2017, 19:48

I'm in love! :love: :love: :love:
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stenfalk  Germany

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Posted by Carlos on 01 Sep 2017, 00:19

Excellent work!!!
Carlos  Argentina
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19 Sep 2016, 14:41

Posted by MABO on 21 Oct 2017, 13:52

What a lot of details. I am flashed.
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MABO  Germany
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