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postapocaliptyc 1/76 (Alice in wonderland)

Posted by Carlos on 18 May 2017, 00:57

Susofrick wrote:Love them all! Saw them on facebook too. I presume they drink tea to celebrate?

jajaja, yes, they have a figthm they win and then they celebrate with tea party...
Carlos  Argentina
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19 Sep 2016, 14:41

Posted by Mr. Cryns on 18 May 2017, 11:08

Great work again Carlos!

Extremely good detail painting. Especially Cyborg. Mad Hatters coat is fascinating: a mixture between an illusionists suit and a desert camouflage pattern. Bunny Boy is most remarkable: a very strong caricature and his face looks much more human now it has been painted. Alice's facial lines are a little bit too pronounced to make her look real pretty but okay, she's only 23mm high. :-D

Carlos wrote:couldnt make more larger and near pics cause i made it with the celular camera and the macro" dont work rigth.

Why don't you crop (=cut away all excessive space around) the images before posting them? Then it would look like a full screen macro. Most pictures you took are sharp enough to achieve that.

Anyhow, well done Carlos.
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Mr. Cryns  Netherlands

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Posted by Beano Boy on 18 May 2017, 15:41

The hands in my way of thinking give us the true sense,
and scale of these tiny figures which look Buzz-Saw Great!
And well fit for any Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Around that awesome table, are riddles to be solved.

"Another cup is to be poured, So all change seats now."
said the Hatter, with the Ten & Sixpence price tag stuck in his hat,as if it were a feather.
Alice, cared little for the Tea,or the seat swopping! BB
Beano Boy  England
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Posted by Carlos on 19 May 2017, 15:54

Many thanks for your comments fellows, Mr cryns, I made the "crop" in the phtobucket album, but more than these, images became blured, think I have to use a real cammera with the propper macro and not my celular phone cammera.
Sorry, for the next it will bve better...well, if my teen daughter lend me her cammera (think better she will rent it for me)

Beano, hope a 70's jaguar E-type cpuld e agood table for this little band "tea" party.
Im working in that now.
Carlos  Argentina
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19 Sep 2016, 14:41

Posted by Hellboy on 22 May 2017, 06:28

Incredible! :shock: Fantastic! :-D Carlos, a huge compliment to you! Your figures are great! A masterful modeling and a very very nice painting. :yeah:
I love Alice. A REALLY great woman. ;-)
I am very curious to see how it goes on !!!! Much fun with the construction of the diorama base!!!!
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Hellboy  Germany
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10 Feb 2016, 19:34

Posted by Carlos on 22 May 2017, 23:25

Well, the diorama base is a poblem, I never made a postapocalpityc diorama,
And this is complicated because it must also be part of the "Alice in wonderland" story, it must be obviusy british, think i will start with a car parking or something else.
Carlos  Argentina
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19 Sep 2016, 14:41

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