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Riverboat Crusaders.

Posted by Alex on 05 Jan 2017, 14:20

I have long liked the project and a wonderful picture that you all know.


Jens (Valdemar) has long been a great ship, using 3D modeling and printing.


Also in the project Wolfgang present this ship, in a beautiful color, the work done by Dirk


I thought about making another embodiment of this ship.
On the river boats to transport the Crusaders a lot of horses, of course the vessel does not .Also sufficient capacity - in an existing ship is apparently present hold, so the deck is high and the board are low (this is seen in the photo with the figures..
So I decided to make some corrections.
So it looks 3 D model of the new building


And this is a printed pattern


It is already evident a few body castings.


Now I'm going to do the tower for crossbowmen and helmsman.

Work continues.
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Alex  Russia
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Posted by Kekso on 05 Jan 2017, 14:49

I will follow this with pleasure.
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by sberry on 05 Jan 2017, 15:44

Looks very promising!
But Alex, I hope you are aware of the work that will await you: Once this boat is available, everybody will ask for some crew figures sculpted by you in your masterly style!
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sberry  Germany
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Posted by Alex on 05 Jan 2017, 16:10

Partially there for a long time. :-D
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Alex  Russia
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Posted by sansovino on 05 Jan 2017, 17:46

A great project! I am certain that we will follow an impressive process....

Do you intend to create also a crusader diorama or a russian history diorama? In which century will happen your scenery?
sansovino  Germany
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Posted by Peter on 05 Jan 2017, 18:55

Don't stop making things like this Alex! I like them all! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Cryns on 05 Jan 2017, 23:56


Happy new year Alex.
I am very exited about your new work.
It all looks great what you show us: the boats, the figures.

Alex wrote: a wonderful picture that you all know.

No I don't know this but Medieval ships are not my specialism.

Alex wrote:the deck is high and the board are low (this is seen in the photo with the figures..
So I decided to make some corrections.

Yes I see your point. It is always a problem when we have to build boats that have to be placed ON TOP OF WATER SURFACE. Looking at the drawing plan designed by Gerhard Salamka (?) it is clear the deck is BELOW the water surface.
For a wargaming model boat it is not possible to have a deck below the water surface.
For a diorama model boat it is at least difficult to have the deck below the water surface. Is that what you have in mind: a boat which deck has to be situated UNDER the water surface by the maker of the diorama? That means the boat has to be casted into the water epoxy. Which is the most correct but also a challenge for the modeler.
I hope your translator makes my question clear.

At the moment I am building several ancient Mediterranean cargo ships.
As usual I do it the old school way: no plan, no design, just wood, a wood bender and white glue. My aim is to re-produce them by resin casting. Because I need a whole fleet. This saturday I will go to a friend/company helping me with a first test-casting.

But now I see your pictures. That opens my eyes once again for the 3D printing.
I already have done some research here n Amsterdam: where can I have a digital 3D ship printed. Can I have a wooden model scanned into 3D?

And I have many other questions, because I understand your information only half:

Did you make this 3D computer design with higher boards yourselve or did you have it made by someone following your directions?
Did you print it yourself or dit Valdemar or a Moscovian company print it for you?
What does it cost to have such a boat printed?
It looks like you added a lot of vertical ribs inside of that boat.
That looks very good. They seem to miss in the original boat model.

I am looking forward to see this topic continued.

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Cryns  Netherlands

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Posted by Beano Boy on 06 Jan 2017, 01:03

Beautiful Figures and Boat Construction. :thumbup:
By my experience, settling boats into a river or sea base it can be achived whereby it the model boat is left loose, and so can be removesd easily from the base,but fits snug into it. So water level is not a problem at all for those wishing to do such a thing. BB
Beano Boy  England
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Posted by Carlos on 06 Jan 2017, 03:55

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Holy crusades!!!...

What wonderful things you can do.
Carlos  Argentina
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