A very small curiosity during modeling.

Posted by Wiking on 05 Dec 2017, 22:36

For the Dio "Home defense" I dry fit the pilot and the clear canopy several time till I was happy with the fit. All as usual.
After painting, drying the inside of the canopy I glue it in place.
After checking my work I realise that the top of the pilots headgear press to the clear canopy.
Making a small but visible dot.
Remove the canopy and maybe destroy more as to make it good?
I decide, shit happen. And leave it as it is.

A few days later it was on to do the dirt splashes to both engine nacelle with a well known method. Using the fingers to tension a wet paint brush for the splashes.
One splash hit exactly the point there the spot of the pilot`s headgear show through the clear canopy.
If you will do that. It won`t work.

What a stroke of fortune!

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Posted by FredG on 05 Dec 2017, 23:04

Did you buy a lottery ticket immediately?
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FredG  United Kingdom
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Posted by Susofrick on 06 Dec 2017, 09:15

No use to buy a lottery ticket, the luck is already used.
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