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Posted by Carlos on 26 Jul 2017, 16:05

Friends, some of you could recommend me some modeling shop in Italy in the cities of Florence (Firenze) and Rome (Roma)?.
You already know how it is to visit countries and cities with the family, everyone is looking for museums and tourist places and we are looking for modeling shops.
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Posted by Xantippos on 11 Aug 2017, 19:57

I do not know if this will come in time, but I will reply anyway. In Florence I didn't find any, but I went to a small open market, made in sunday, in which they sell antiques and toys and with some luck you will be able to find models.

In Rome you have more choice.You can also go the Porta Portese open street market, on sundays, there is always a man that sells atlantic 1/72 and 1:35 soldiers, and sometimes model kits.

I've gone to two good ones, although they are not very centric. One is near Prati and the other near the Via Appia Nuova.

I copy this text I did, now I don't remember which one was;

Via Pompeo Magno, 84, Roma, Italia - Giorno Giocattoli

Piazza Navona, 53 - Al Sogno

RoCri Modellismo
Via Bari, 2, Rome, Italy

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