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Posted by Bramble15 on 01 Dec 2016, 19:09

To begin if I have selected the wrong forum please feel free to move this post. I believe this could apply to 1/72 scale but obviously any scale smaller or larger.

So I typed into my computer "World to Tanks" and one of the searches was the following link to youtube;

I think this a specific site for game players. What I found fantastic was the series of videos titled - "Inside the Chieftains Hatch". I think this entire site is geared towards players so they can buy/build or modify their tanks. I cannot say for sure because I am not a gamer. The videos provide awesome walkarounds with in depth insight into the exterior of the tank, the suspension and exterior appointments. They also provide video on the interior with the host climbing in and thru the featured tanks.

Now I will state for the record that I cannot and will not assume all information presented is accurate. It appears to me that the fellas doing the videos have done their homework but that is as far as I will extend myself. What I can state is that I like things that are bad ass, and usually tanks fit that bill. I think from a modeling perspective the information and up close snapshots could be useful for those who like tank building and more importantly tank conversion/scratchbuilding.

For those who may have an interest the videos are at a minimum interesting to watch for 8-10 minutes.

Hope you enjoy.

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