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Posted by despertaferro on 30 Aug 2014, 11:13


Mars figures may be not very nice but I think once painted they can look not so bad.

Not being a fan of this brand, I’ve painted quite a lot of their figures. Mostly because they produce sets of some periods neglected by the other manufacturers.

Here you can find all Mars figures that I’ve painted and posted here. All of them of XVII century, mixed with other manufacturers so easy to compare.

Help your self! :-D











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Posted by zirrian on 30 Aug 2014, 11:46

despertaferro, excellent works! It truly shows what can be achieved with those minis, and how a good paintjob can make them tabletop-worthy.
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Posted by despertaferro on 30 Aug 2014, 11:50

Ups, missed these two on my previous post...



Zirrian, many thanks for your kind words...
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Posted by davbenbak1 on 28 Jan 2015, 16:56

I was thinking of getting the some Mars sets to flesh out my TYW arquebusier units. Specifically the Imperial Mounted Arquebusiers and Swedish Mercenary Dragoons.

@Den could you post some more pics of your painted units?
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Posted by Xantippos on 07 Jun 2016, 13:28

I have never painted any MARS minis, I have some but not many. Basically, because when I was full into collecting 1:72 MARS was just starting, in shop I have just bought their copies with a conversion of the Esci Arabs (as I needed more Arabs and I wanted that unique figure!, and it was cheap), the copies of Revell Normans and the Lithuanian infantry, which although quite expensive I bought because they were the only ones to produce them.

By internet I have bought Persians and small quantities of Teutonics.

I basically don't buy them because they concentrate on subjects I am not very big into (like 1500-1700 era), and are usually quite expensive, and now they are making many sets of just 30 figures.

I don't care too much if they are a bit "trollesque" in appearance, or flashy. I just don't paint them, and for many subjects I find this fine. For example, I find Strelets Napoleonic figures abhorrent, but their Medievals have some of my favourite figures. It is just their style does not suit some themes. Their WW2 don't fit too well with my rest of huge WW2 armies.
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