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Posted by Ochoin on 07 Jul 2022, 09:57

A Spanish brand of paints I'm starting to hear much about - Scale 75.

I use Vallejo & Army Painter (& a couple of GW paints : I love their Mephiston Red) but I'm often up for an experiment. Reading Youtube reviews, I gather they're a bit tricky to use?

If anyone with experience with them & some sensible comments (the sort of thing you're guaranteed to get at Bennos but not necessarily elsewhere) would like to post their views?

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Posted by Kekso on 09 Jul 2022, 16:09

Last couple of years Scalecolor and Vallejo are my preferred brand of paints.
Paints are pretty thick and have strong matte finish comparing to other brands I've been working with (Vallejo, AK, Mig, Army Painter).
I love their paint sets. Inside of each one there is a leaflet with instructions how to paint (wood, leather, skin, non metallic metal etc.).
Scalecolor paints aren't cheapest in the world but worth every cent invested in purchase.

Even if it sounds like paid commercial it is not :xd: I've paid myself all my Scalecolor paints ;-)

And one practical advice if you decide to buy them. Don't forget to pierce the tip of eyedropper bottle before trying to squeeze paint on the palette.

I hope it helps.
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Posted by zirrian on 12 Jul 2022, 20:40

Tried them, not really liking them so far. However they have a nice tan skin color I found only at Reaper previously that I really like, so there's that...
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Posted by Arkoudaki on 11 Aug 2022, 12:17

Scale75 are really good paints, very matt, and good coverage. I have also found some of their Non-Metallics really useful.
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