Fences in 20mm

Posted by Traveller1865 on 03 May 2017, 18:55

Does anyone know a terrain-maker that could create fences in 20mm? This type of fence is what I'm looking for:

There are plenty of fences in 28mm but difficult to find in 20mm...

Anyone know if the renedra 28mm also fit 20mm scale? ... rain-28mm/
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Posted by Lacc on 04 May 2017, 03:23

Hi mate,
you can look for in railway modelism shops. In HO scale. I am sure that you will found similar something.
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Posted by Graeme on 04 May 2017, 03:46

Agreed, railway hobby shops are a good bet.

Also Italeri have 3 sections of similar fencing in 1/72 in this set:

Might be a bit expensive if you want a lot of them though.
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Posted by KGV on 04 May 2017, 07:27

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Posted by Peter on 04 May 2017, 21:21

Hey Amos, do the fences need five bars, like the ones in your link? When you remove one bar they could fit always with scale 1/72. Just a suggestion.

Maybe you can make them yourself with matches. ;-)
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