Painting horses the scientific way

Posted by sberry on 16 Jan 2017, 16:50

As historical accuracy is so highly esteemed by the people on this forum, I thought I should share this with you: An international team of scientists has investigated the colors of horses, using samples from the dawn of horse domestication until the Middle Ages.
There are some interesting conclusions on the frequency of the different color variants. In particular, spotted variants seem to have been quite popular in Antiquity, while in later times the solid colors were preferred.
If you want to have a look - the article is free.
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Posted by PhilC on 16 Jan 2017, 20:11

Hi sberry.

This article is excellent, and I am very very happy that you gave us this link. I ask myself for several years this question: did the Celts (and all other people in the Iron Age) look for horses with solid color robes, or multi-color horses ? Or even more specific patterns ? Thanks to you (and these scientists, too :mrgreen: ), I can follow an interesting theory... and start at last to paint my Celtic cavalry 8).

Long live science ! :beer:
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Posted by Cryns on 25 Jan 2017, 11:55

Thank you so much sberry for sharing this article.
For my ancient German and Skytian horsemen I often used the color pattern of Przwalsky horses because to me that gave a nice archaic or prehistoric feeling.
But now I have to change my opinion!
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