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Posted by C M Dodson on 21 Apr 2016, 15:06

Sky lines

Materials required.

Lining Wallpaper

Spray paint to represent your sky/cloud cover

Paint for the landscape

Washing line/clothes pegs


Paint brush

I have tried one or two ideas regarding sky lines and back grounds in general. However I feel that a robust lining wallpaper, available from all do it your self stores represents the easiest solution.

Simply spray a specified section of wallpaper with your sky of choice. I feel that less is more here otherwise you will a solid colour which is not what sky looks like. When dry, paint in your rolling landscape etc.



Mount the hooks or alternative attachments and feed the washing line through.

Then hang the section of sky to the line with the pegs. When aligned correctly the effect when photographed can be very realistic indeed.

Happy modelling.

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Posted by Kekso on 22 Apr 2016, 09:32

Simply and effective. I like it very much.
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Posted by Peter on 22 Apr 2016, 18:50

Excellent! Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:
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