Die Schlacht von Ligny 16th Juni 1825. wheatfields

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Many of the fields during the campaign of 1815 were comprised of wheat and rye. Contemporary records note that the strain was higher than those of today and whilst in June it would not be ripe, it would certainly be nearing it's full height.

I have seen many ideas, but decided eventually on the use of sisal sweeping brushes. Available as a soft brush from hardware stores, I cut them up with a pair of strong scissors to length.

As I am using sand they are easy to plant in clumps. However, they can also be glued to wargaming terrain to produce a satisfying result.large fields will require a few brush heads but they are very cheap to purchase. Note that some strands can be quite thick and it is best to discard these and keep the thin ones.

For a green effect, some grass scatter, over the field will give it an unripened look. Spraying with a dye would be another option.Summer time brings out the poppies, and I feel that a few patches of them, commercially bought or hand made gives an authentic touch.


I was quite pleased with the picture showing the results until my friend Thomas pointed out that the sappers in body armour were not at Ligny. Whoops!

Happy modelling.

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Really like the result! Good work! :thumbup:
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