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Emsland Modellbau - Lingen Germany

Posted by Dad's Army on 15 Jan 2020, 00:04

Last weekend (11 + 12 januari) we had a small promotion at a German event with mostly model railway and RC cars and boats.
Whe had two nice days, and have interested a lot of visitors with our hobby.
Our team was: Martin, Jan, Erik-Jan, Benno and myself.
Benno did show a wargame, and we all did play against him.
But the most of the time we did paint our figures, and told visitors about our hobby.
At the painting table we had 46 kids to paint a figure, that was nice to see.
It is always fun to be at a event like this, totally different then a figures event.
I didn't make photo's of the event, not really our interest...
You have to be careful to not to get the train hobby as well :mrgreen: :
Oeps starting to paint a Loc instead of a figure, pills please :oops:

No I prefer my Romains more:

The Asterix range did work like a magnet to the visitors, so I had a great weekend.

Thanks Jan, Erik-Jan, Martin and Benno for this cool weekend!
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Posted by Peter on 16 Jan 2020, 17:52

Why not paint a train? Then your Roman doesn't have to go on foot! :mrgreen:
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