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Posted by Mr. Cryns on 14 Feb 2017, 13:45

Peter wrote:No pictures in the visited events yet! Do you have some?

Peter I am sorry to let you know I did not make a single picture. Poldercon looked more or less like last year but this time all tables were occupied so this convention is still getting bigger. Since I performed two tree making shows and I was running two workshops that day with 16 participants making 16 wire tree armatures there was no time left to take pictures. Also I discussed casting model ships with Gerard Boom who was present with his shop and workshop styrodur buildings. I met Sander who looked exactly like at last years pictures :-D . Also I met Ludwig (no not me, I hope thats his correct name) from Arnhem who is at Figz every year with a huge Battle of Arnhem wargamediorama. We discussed 3D printing techniques while his wife was participating in my workshop. I had just a little time left to make my tour around all nice and interesting games that were played. Mr. Bos was participating and so were many old members of Societé de la Grande Armee. Some Belgian gentlemen from Tin Figures of Antwerp&Crisis including Willie were present too.
There were no figures in our scale, just bigger or smaller, and except for Sander and Mr. Bos no members of our forum were present I think.

It was a nice day though, with a royal lunch buffet, and next year I look forward to participate in some of the different games they play.
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Posted by Peter on 14 Feb 2017, 16:16

Okay you were busy.

I did some research and found this:


Nothing more to find. Pleased to hear you met Sander. And I hope you made a lot of promotion for the next FIGZ. ;-)

PS: why didn't Mr Boom do the workshop with trees? Now I'm playing with words, but for those who don't understand, tree in Dutch is "boom"! ;-)
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