Saber ..or Sword arm needed!

Posted by TinPusher65 on 14 Mar 2015, 17:49

Morning Grunts! I need help in finding a suitable Sword/Saber arm for a WWII German Parade Officer in 1/72 of course...if you think of a suitable arm for my quest please let me know which set I can acquire it from...Thanks All!
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Posted by Peter on 14 Mar 2015, 20:42

Some of the Hat Napoleonic sets (mostly command) have spare arms. Maybe you can find something suiteble there?
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Posted by Eugenij on 06 Feb 2016, 11:25

Good swords you can get from Italeri/Zvezda's French Carabiniers. Their swords are more graceful than swords from other manufacturers..
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