Two different 90 mm barrels Italeri M48 A2C?

Posted by Jesse on 15 Jan 2015, 15:22

A question for you armor buffs. I'm building the Italeri (Esci) M48 A2C as an Israeli tank in Sinai 1967.
The kit includes two different gun barrels (both 90 mm) and two gun mantlets.

1. One barrel and accompanying mantlet without protective cloth.
2. One barrel and mantlet with protective cloth. On the barrel it looks like a spring, like on the box art: ... ?id=193465

All of the pictures of israeli M48 A2:s (with the 90 mm gun) I find on the net have protective cloth on mantlet and barrel so I don't want to use the barrel/mantlet without.
But in the pictures I find the "cloth" on the barrel doesn't have the "spring"-type look. Look here (bottom of the page): ... /IDF+M48A3

Was both types of protective cloth/barrels used on the Israeli M48A2C:s? What is the two different types of barrels about? Difference between the German supplied M48A2C:s and American supplied?

I won't even mention the large IR-light...well I did. Did the Israeli A2C:s have them in 1967?
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