Republican Romans Hastati & Velites

Posted by Bramble15 on 23 Oct 2014, 13:31

Good morning,

I have just completed the cleaning and priming of HaT's, Republican Romans Hastati & Velites in 1/72. My question is tied to uniforms, or at least the uniformity with which they may or may not have dressed. the box obviously shows redish and white cloaks. That is pretty consistent with what I have found online as well. Would that be accurate? If I went with say a redish color for most and mixed in some off white and maybe a few light grey, would that be close?

Thanks, Rich
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Posted by despertaferro on 23 Oct 2014, 15:34

In my opinion the answer is yes.

The only comment would be that in ancient times the colors weren’t as strong and pure as today. And natural tints fade very quickly when exposed to the sun and rain.
Imo, whites should be “natural”, some greyish/yellowish shade of white. And reds should of a brownish shade.

But this is just my taste, of course.
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Posted by Ben90 on 23 Oct 2014, 15:35

Grey, red, white are suitable. The white should not look too clean. For my rep. Romans I also use a blue-grey mix. I think you could use for example green as well, because every soldier had to buy his own equipment, so a various mix of colors was possible, I think.
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Posted by Bramble15 on 23 Oct 2014, 15:39

Awesome!!! thanks so much for the responses. Now I can proceed with the painting!!
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Posted by MABO on 26 Oct 2014, 21:44

And let us see the results, please!
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Posted by MiniatureMadness on 26 Oct 2014, 23:20

yes red, white and grey were the most common for hastati and velites uniforms. remember to send us pics of the final products. Im actually working on 4 sets of hats hastati and velites myself, they are a a great set!
MM :)
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