Austrian Headwear at Austerlitz?

Posted by DAKfreak on 05 Feb 2014, 01:19

I know that by 1805 most Austrian regiments had either a Shako (Grenz/Szekler infantry) and the "Roman" helmet introduced in 1798 for normal line infantry.

Were any casquet hats present at Austerlitz? Would using Italeri's Austrian Infantry 1798-1805 be appropriate for a wargame/diorama of this battle.


Thank you
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Posted by Uwe on 05 Feb 2014, 11:41

Hi DAKfreak,

the Osprey campaign shows at least a grenzer with the old style caskett. The helmet was introduced in 1800 for the line, but I guess they still wore some old stuff until 1805 as it is usual to wear up the old material before you give your soldiers the new stuff.

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Posted by Ochoin on 22 Feb 2014, 15:51

I think modellors /wargamers are apt to apply uniform reforms far quicker than in reality.
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Posted by Eugenij on 06 Feb 2016, 11:46

I think that using these figures for Austerliz isn't wrong...
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